1. What is post-tensioning and what is unitized post-tensioning ?

    Simply put, post-tensioning is a method of reinforcing concrete and masonry structural elements. In a way, it is a method of "squeezing"concrete such that it increases it's strength and makes the concrete stronger in useful ways. Unitized post-tensioning is where we post-tension a single unit. We then bolt the individual post-tensioned unit together to creat combined strength from each unit.

  2. Why is Bolt-A-Blok construction better than block and mortar ?

    Bolt-A-Blok construction is stronger, faster and more economical to build. There is little waste of materials. Bolt-A-Blok uses no water or mortar. No more hauling drums of water to each job. Forget the sand. 

  3. Mortan-less block construction is not new. What makes Bolt-A-Blok different from everything else available ?

    In place of motar [glue] the Bolt-A-Blok system uses continuously connected steel to compress the blocks and bolt them together. With this system, Bolt-A-Blok is extremely strong.

  4. Does Bolt-A-Blok require a certain high torque to tighten the bolts ?

    No, the torque requirements are very low for all general uses of Bolt-A-blok. 

  5. Does Bolt-A-Blok require skilled masons ?

    Bolt-A-Blok can be put together by both the skilled and unskilled. 

  6. Has Bolt-A-Blok been tested and does it meet the building codes ?

    According to independent tests, Bolt-A-Blok meets most of the major builing codes in the United States.

  7. In cold weather I see blocks covered with plastic. Will Bolt-A-Blok require this ?

    No. Bolt-A-Blok has no mortar to freeze, break or have strength reduced. Bolt-A-Blok is not weather dependent.

  8. With ordinary block and mortar walls, I have seen builders use a lot of exspensive hardened fasteners that must be put in pre-drilled holes in the concrete. What do you do differently with Bolt-A-Blok ?

    The new Bolt-A-Blok wall uses door and window anchors. These economical anchors can strongly attatch siding, drywall, doors, and windows. Also, by using the Bolt-A-Blok Ledger Bloks, we can economically attach floors and ceilings. 

  9. When you use steel and concrete together, is there a problem with expantion and contraction ?

    No. The steel and concrete expand and contract at exactly the same rate. An engineer descibes it as "concrete and steel having identical coefficients of expanion."

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